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Research on wind energy at the Delft University of Technology began 30 years ago, starting with the tip vane project, an aerodynamic research project at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering. Nowadays DUWIND is the wind energy network  of the Delft University of Technology. Its research program covers almost all aspects of modern wind turbine technology, and is undertaken across 5 faculties in 13 groups. Each of the research groups at these faculties has its own specific expertise, but an increasing number of research questions require a multi-disciplinary approach. This is why DUWIND was established in August 1999 as a new interfaculty research organization, specifically for wind energy.

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The research programme of DUWIND has been reformulated and is published in October 2008. The button 'Research Programme' gives access to this new description of the 2009 - 2013 plans. The programme encompasses approximately 60 PhD positions, which implies a doubling in size of DUWIND compared to 2007.











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